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Meet Our Guests

Meet the Hoffman family!

Meet the Hoffman family!    Our Focus Family this month is Donna and Jerry Hoffman from Arkansas. While here to be treated for cancer, Jerry ended up in the ER. It was found he needed triple bypass surgery! Donna says "The good Lord brought us here for a reason. He...

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Meet the Rodriguez Family!

Meet the Rodriguez Family! Our featured focus family for May isLizabeth and Robert Rodriguez.Robert and Liz come to us from Victoria, TX and Robert is being treated at the Katy Regional MD Anderson facility. The Rodriguez family shared, "The Ballard House has been...

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Meet Terri & Rob Neiswender!!

Meet Terri & Rob Neiswender!! We are from Topeka, Kansas and although "There's no place like home", we find staying at The Ballard House as comforting and cozy as our own. This is our third stay at The Ballard House and we love the warmth and friendly hospitality...

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Testimonials From our Raving Fans

We’ve had guests from all around the world. It’s our belief that there is no greater compliment a client can give us than to recommend us to their friends and family. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the feedback we’ve received from previous clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cinco Charities for providing a place to stay while my wife has been taking radiation treatments at MD Anderson Katy Radiation Center. There are several aspects of this kindness that was unexpected and emotionally healing. Each evening the 3 ladies would get together and discuss their daily adventures with the radiation machines and what effects they were experiencing. Comparing notes and discussing their differing procedures helped them through a tough time in their new life experiences. As a trained counselor with 25 years of experience I was delighted to see there openness with each other and the mental healing that was taking place. If these ladies were isolated in a single housing unit without easy access to each other there is little hope of such help. Many times throughout our stay I heard them discuss the fact that they did not have to worry about how to pay for housing. Again a healing of the mind that must accompany the healing of the body. This took place because of Cinco Charities. The ladies Pat, Becky, and Ginger were kind, considerate and gentle as they explained the rules of the road. This kind of human understanding comes at a time when the shock of their illness is making life almost overwhelming. Thank you ladies you are really appreciated and admired. The house is a great place. We will never forget it. Not to big and not to small. Clean, cool and in a nice little neighborhood close to the medical centers that the ladies use everyday. You don’t need to change a thing. Thus THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS, WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US. YOUR HEART AND VALUED GIFTS OF A PLACE TO SLEEP AND RECOUP FROM EACH DAYS LABORS IS A GIFT OF LOVE.

Janet and Robert K., Anchorage, AK

want to say that as often as I must do this, taking off work, co-pays and flying down, Cinco charites housing has been a tremendous help to me. Thanks again.

Donna J., Stockbridge, CA

I can’t say thank you enough for providing this oasis in the middle of my storm. This is such a beautiful thing you have done for all of us walking through our medical crisis. And, being able to talk with another person going through the same ordeal is very supportive. Thank you so very much.

Lois H.

Everything was perfect, could not have been better. Cinco Charities should be established all over the world, because I’m sure there are many, many, more people, like myself, that may need emergency assistance and Cinco Charities is the best, caring and dependable help you can find for looking in an urgent situation. Thank You!

Cassandra H., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you and Cinco Charities so much for helping me with a place to call home while I underwent cancer treatment. What a Blessing! I was also blessed with the opportunity to meet some wonderful new friends. We often shared thoughts and feelings about our cancer or treatments & comforted one another (sort of like a therapy group) – it really worked out Great! Sometimes we would share meals, go out and grab a bite to eat – or just hang out and chit-chat! Awesome! I really can’t thank you and Cinco Charities enough & a super special thank you to the wonderful woman who donated her home to help so many others! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and God Bless you! You are all in my prayers! God Bless!

Deborah F.

I am grateful for all you did to help earlier in the week. What a blessing it is to have one less thing to think about when going for medical treatments. Please thank all on my behalf who had a part in my being there and without worry of financial obligation of the room. Keep up as you feel led at www.caringbridge.org/visit/brandonenglish and know we were blessed by our time with you.

Brandon E., Canton, GA

I am so thankful for all the love and partnership of your staff and owners of Cinco. You were there for us in 2012 for a place to stay when we needed it in Houston. John is still in remission. Praise be to God! You were all so sweet to me when I called for help. May God bless all your efforts to offer this place to people like us. May you NEVER be in the ‘Red’ in your finances for Cinco. May you always have leaders in place to make financial decisions that would keep this compassionate decision going strong until the day of His (Gods)coming!! You will always be in our hearts!

John & Pat B., Fordoche, LA

Everyone involved in providing this lovely house has gone above and beyond and turned this lovely house into a “home away from home.” What a remarkable thing to do when you donate a house this lovely so people you don’t even know can have comfort at a hard time in their lives and how wonderful it is to have such kind and beautiful angels to make sure you know you are a loved child of God. God Bless you all. I will never forget you!

Linda and Pete B., Spicewood, TX

I learned about Cinco Charities through the Cancer Society help line. The MD Anderson social worker did not know about Cinco Charities. The housing guidelines are simple and to the point and it was processed in the time allowed by my Social Worker at MD. My first call to Cinco Charities was awesome. Since we have started this journey with my husbands Multiple Myeloma we have talked to many agencies seeking direction and help available. (even going for a second opinion with MD Anderson). This of course has meant many phone calls. I can tell you, I can count on one hand the genuine attitude of really wanting to help me with my problem coming from the agency I called. Cinco Charities was on that one hand! From the first call, volunteer Ginger had encouragement in her voice saying, let me help you. She has handled every call as if it were a family member needing help. Very professional and caring… We worked hard all our lives but live on Social Security now and there is no way we can keep up with the extra cost that will be in this walk. We are so grateful for places like Cinco Charities that can provide help, I will sing their praises and hope donations will be on the hearts of people for such as a time on this.

John B., Centerville, MS

I so appreciate your diligence in this matter. Your organization has been so wonderful and I will treasure your charity forever.

KennethB. Lexington, TX

Ballard House Naming Rights Sponsors

The Ballard House was named in honor of longtime Katy residents Monty and Erin Ballard. Monty started The Ballard Foundation to assist Cinco Charities financially in the construction of their vision, a Hospital Hospitality House in Katy. A Memorial to Monty’s dad, Carroll Ballard, a longtime working Texas cowboy is located in the lobby of the Ballard House. His saddle and other memorabilia are displayed.

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