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Paula & Jim Clark  from Bastrop first heard about the Ballard House from his social worker at MD Anderson in the Houston Medical Center. Jim has been diagnosed with Sarcoma-a rare form of cancer with about 15 dfiferent types, his is osteo/bone cancer. He is scheduled for a couple of different rounds of chemo which means approximately 40 days of trips to the Med Center for his treatments. Their hope is that the chemo will shrink the tumor behind his pelvis enough for surgery. His Dr. recommended they stay closer during his treatment and not be traveling back and forth home, which is approximately a 3 hour drive each way for them.  His first week of treatment the Clarks stayed in a hotel close to the Medical Center, but when the treatment plan was laid out, they knew they had to look at other options.  Many of the guests who stay at The Ballard House find themselves in this same situation. The trips can be draining on the patient not only financially, but can cause stress and fatigue which work against the treatment they are receiving. Being able to stay at The Ballard House free of charge can free up funds for the family to take care of things at home, pay for gas and parking. Paula said, “It is very humbling to think that people who don’t even know us, care enough to provide such a beautiful place for us to stay.”