photo (11)YOGA FOR RELAXATION  with Rosalinda takes place each Tuesday  evening now at The Ballard House.

In 2010 Rosalinda Ingle began working at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a Mind-Body Specialist in the Integrative Medicine Program teaching yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques to patients, caregivers and their families.

“In my work at MD Anderson, I have come to see that while the damaging effects of stress and a sedentary lifestyle are becoming more widely understood, many individuals do not know how or where to begin practicing better habits for health. Yoga is a gentle, yet effective, way to reconnect with our body, mind and breath to achieve an overall sense of physical and emotional well being.

This year I have made the personal commitment to begin volunteer work teaching yoga and relaxation techniques in the community. When I became aware of the mission behind Ballard House (I live within five miles of your location), I found myself immediately considering how I could offer my services to the guests.”

Welcome to The Ballard House Rosalinda and thank you for offering this inspiring class free to our guests, caregivers, volunteers , and staff.

**Yoga for relaxation is no longer holding classes at the Ballard House**

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Ballard House Naming Rights Sponsors

The Ballard House was named In honor of longtime Katy residents Monty and Erin Ballard. Monty started The Ballard Foundation to assist Cinco Charities financially in the construction of their vision, a Hospital Hospitality House in Katy. A memorial to Monty's dad, Carroll Ballard, a longtime working Texas cowboy is located in the lobby of the Ballard House. His saddle and other memorabilia are displayed.