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photo (11)YOGA FOR RELAXATION  with Rosalinda takes place each Tuesday  evening now at The Ballard House.

In 2010 Rosalinda Ingle began working at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a Mind-Body Specialist in the Integrative Medicine Program teaching yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques to patients, caregivers and their families.

“In my work at MD Anderson, I have come to see that while the damaging effects of stress and a sedentary lifestyle are becoming more widely understood, many individuals do not know how or where to begin practicing better habits for health. Yoga is a gentle, yet effective, way to reconnect with our body, mind and breath to achieve an overall sense of physical and emotional well being.

This year I have made the personal commitment to begin volunteer work teaching yoga and relaxation techniques in the community. When I became aware of the mission behind Ballard House (I live within five miles of your location), I found myself immediately considering how I could offer my services to the guests.”

Welcome to The Ballard House Rosalinda and thank you for offering this inspiring class free to our guests, caregivers, volunteers , and staff.

**Yoga for relaxation is no longer holding classes at the Ballard House**